Any order placed with the company VIP ONLY TRANSFERS implies acceptance of the conditions of sale below.

  1. Services

The prices indicated are inclusive of all taxes and include the vehicle, driver service, insurance for transported persons, fuel, tolls. Night hours apply from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The quantity of luggage transported remains proportional to the capacity of the vehicle. We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle or elsewhere during the service.

The driver must respect the highway code, in no case may the client demand that he exceed the authorized speed limit or commit highway code violations.

Smoking, eating or drinking in the vehicle is prohibited. No animal will be accepted except in a transport cage.

Any damage caused to our interior or exterior vehicles, or to other vehicles will be invoiced to the customer.

Transfers: the price applies to direct travel without stopping (except for a break of a few minutes, drinks, cigarettes) from the pick-up point to the point of arrival, the service ending immediately after.

Provision and tourist excursions: Road costs (tolls, parking, driver meal …), not initially provided for in the estimate, remain the responsibility of the customer, as well as all tickets and site visits, Tastings of wine, personal expenses and passenger meals.

VIP ONLY TRANSFERS reserves the right to use for promotional purposes the photographs taken during the services.

  1. Method of booking and Payment

For any reservation request, we will send you a free quote, which must be returned to us signed for acceptance, by fax, e-mail or mail, before the validity date, you will also be asked for a 30% deposit on the reservation, the balance of the payment, as well as any supplements (except prior agreement with the company VIP ONLY TRANSFERS), will be made at the latest at the end of the services by card for companies and by check or cash for individuals.

In all cases, the sponsor of the requested service and signatory remains solely responsible for its Payment. You authorize the VIP ONLY TRANSFERS company to take down payments and services from bank cards provided as collateral.

The estimate commits the company VIP ONLY TRANSFERS to maintain the price offered until the end of the validity date, but in no case on the maintenance of the availability of the vehicle, this being valid only on the day of establishment of the quote.

  1. Cancellations or changes

Any modifications or last minute changes resulting in additional time, fuel, tolls, parking… not initially planned remain the responsibility of the customer, they could also be challenged if they disrupted the daily organization of the VIP  ONLY TRANSFERS COMPAGNY.

During a transfer from an airport, the price includes an hour’s wait without supplement, in return the driver also has an hour’s margin to pick up customers at the meeting point compared to the schedule planned to take charge, without generating compensation for the customer.

Any termination by the client of a reservation up to 48 hours before the start of the services will result in the latter permanently losing the deposit, whatever the reason, within 48 hours the entire service is due.

In the event that the client does not show up at the meeting point, the entire service will be definitively lost and in no way entitles him to a refund.

For any termination on our part, we will reimburse the deposit without further compensation. In the event of a breakdown or accident during the service rendering the vehicle unavailable, the amount of the service will be calculated in proportion to the time spent, without recourse or compensation for the damage caused.

The times given may be subject to the vagaries of traffic or other unforeseeable event the company Passeport Bourgogne can in no way be held responsible.

The customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of non-performance of the service by the VIP ONLY TRANSFERS company in the event of force majeure (accident, strikes …)

Any complaint will be accepted only within 8 days after the execution of the service. In case of dispute, only the Commercial Court of Nice will have jurisdiction.